PSN Deals: Star Trek Bridge Crew Pre-Order Discounted and More

Pure PlayStation: Pennies at the ready, deals are a comin’. Mind you, there’s not much to shout about this week on either side of the Atlantic, so it’s pretty slim pickings all-round.

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chris235333d ago

am i the only who who finds discounted pre-orders a bit strange?

Takwin332d ago

I will often buy a discounted preorder on a game I am nearly 100% sure will be good. You can often get 20% off at Green Man Gaming for digital or Best Buy / Amazon for physical. Plus you can often get bonuses for preorders.

20% for a game delivered or downloaded day one means $47.99 for standard, or often the deluxe or season pass for not much more than the $60 original cost.

CorndogBurglar332d ago

Why is it strange?

If you are the kind of person that preorders games why wouldn't you want to pay less for it?