$30.4 Billion Spent on Games in the US in 2016

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released its annual report about the video game market in the US.

67 percent of US households now own at least one gaming device. 97 percent of US households own a PC, 81 percent smartphones, 48 percent consoles and 11 percent own a VR device.

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chrisx121d ago

Consoles are here to stay

JasonKCK120d ago

97% PC vs 48% console. Console needs to pick up the pace.

2pacalypsenow120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

You do know that number is a general number right?

You do know that right?

Utalkin2me120d ago

Yeah but 30% of that 97% is only for gaming....

ShaunCameron120d ago

That isn't saying much when non-gamers who happen to own a PC distort the numbers.

lxeasy120d ago

48% and that number can only go higher

120d ago