Prey is the weirdest shooter you’ll play this year

The new game from Bethesda is like nothing else you'll play in 2017 – here are five reasons why.

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mikeslemonade484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Mhmmm and looking forward to evil within 2 from Bethesda. Playing both on 4k on PC. PS Poor and Xbox 720p eat my dust!

Darkwatchman484d ago

You don't even know the system requirements, though, and Bethesda, as a publisher and developer don't put out the most optimized PC games.

Remember the launch debacle of Dishonored 2 where a game developer stated in order to run low settings at 60 fps, you needed a gtx 1070??? The Evil Within was also optimized like garbage. Shoehorning dynamic lighting into the ID tech 5 engine which did not support dynamic lighting really killed the game's performance.

Also, prey is getting a demo before launch on console only and not PC...that seems pretty worrying. That maybe they don't want people to experience before launch how poorly optimized their PC code is, but whatever. What makes you think with ALL that going against it, that you'll be able to run either prey or the evil within 2 at 4K on your PC??? Like really?

zuul9018484d ago

Im not saying its final product or anything but the trailer that played last night during the nba playoffs looked shoddy as all hell. It looked like a 360 or ps3 game, and you would think theyd pick their best moments for a trailer that is gonna play during the nba playoffs. From that I was gonna pass, this article atleast made me kinda want it.
Point im getting at is I doubt this is gonna be a graphic powerhouse, but if you think viewing jaggy edges in 4k is important enough to make those crap mockerys, go you i guess.

Bathyj483d ago

Why you gotta be such a douche?

richyque483d ago

Pspoor, lol. I guarantee you that on ps4 it will outsell all of pc combined. pc moocher and torrenting race dont buy games they steal them and brag about how great their $500.00 gpu is.

ShadowKnight483d ago

Did they announce Evil Within 2 yet?

mikeslemonade483d ago

Should be fine and my gpu is $700 before tax. Evil Within 1 was one of the worst looking games. As for prey I can play 1440p max or 4k on high settings.

483d ago
jznrpg483d ago

You are so cooool. Lol

JasonKCK483d ago

mikeslemonade I'm going to just guess that you most likely don't have a PC. Your magical PC just popped up at a convenient (Scorpio) time.

Goldby483d ago


Price don't mean shit, for all we know you got ripped off and paid 600$ over MSRP.

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Bathyj484d ago

It really does. I have not been following this one, but I liked the original. This sounds really fresh.
The enemy mimic thing sounds awesome. Not because it will be weird fighting a lamp and I like lamp, but the fact that enemies could be literally anywhere. A cup on the floor. Couch. Whatever. The sense of paranoia that will bring will be creepy. It will be like The Thing turned up to 11. You will never feel at ease.

Comes out 2 days before my birthday too. Now if only someone bought me presents. I'm be keeping an eye on this one from now, no pun intended.

Bigpappy484d ago

LOL. Shoot every thing before you enter the room. I wonder if they will limit ammo?

I think once you pass 11 and are male, you no longer qualify as a receiver of gifts. You can now only give. Unless of course you count socks, ties and pajamas.

zuul9018483d ago

@Bigpappy damn sir, if you havent got a gift after 11 you need better friends.

Bathyj483d ago

Yeah and to make it worse my birthday is always the same week or there abouts as Mothers Day, so my Mum and I have an understanding. We cancel each others presents out. Its like a standoff we both just nod at each other, We Cool? Good, and go on our way.

PS I wonder if the game will have a trophy, killed 100 innocent coffee mugs.

Bigpappy483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

@zuul9018: My friends don't give me stuff.... that's not their role. My friends are people who respect me as a person and I admire them for who they are and what they stand for in this life. I want nothing from them. They pickup whenever I call. As I do when they call. I get what I want by working. Weird concept I understand, but that's how I roll.

@Bathyj: you seem to mention that trophy lightly, but I have seen similar achievements. Some time finding that 50th achievement is tough for the developers to conjure, so you end up with "picked 50 wild flowers"

zuul9018483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

@Bigpappy hmm, you took that kinda dark huh? My friends and I work too man, and I never expect or want anything from them either. But when I get a dubsack or a cool hat or a case of beer I dont see that as them trying to buy my friendship or anything.... damn man you came hot on that one. Maybe you should keep your current friends alright, shit got crazy.
Generosity doesnt mean youre buying affection, rules for a knight.

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The 10th Rider484d ago

Honestly this game looks like a callback to games like Bioshock, Half Life 2, and Metroid Prime . . . All of which are some of the best shooters of their time. I'd go so far as to say we haven't had a single AAA FPS that is similar this gen. Here's hoping this lives up to the legacy of games it took inspiration from!

joab777484d ago

Yep. My fingers are crossed though that there is a reliable progression system and solid difficulty option.

SolidGear3483d ago

All the best FPS games are now published by Bethesda such as Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Very excited about Prey as well.

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Legatus484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Looks really promising, looking foward to playing it.

Elda484d ago

Will try the demo next week.

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