Top 8 Eye-Popping Elder Scrolls Cosplays

People love The Elder Scrolls so much, cosplayers put together some of the most amazing outfits inspired by the series. Here are some of the absolute best. Your eyes can thank us later.

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sinspirit235d ago

I'm actually surprised by the article. Most "cosplay" lists just show the people that make skimpy revealing outfits rather than accurate costumes. If I want skimpy outfits then... well, there are plenty of sources out there. B)

235d ago
BishopPeace235d ago

Did you even click the link, none of the outfits are skimpy and are pretty accurate.

EverydayJoe235d ago

I was a little let down because of the lack of "eye popping" skimpy outfits to be honest. Hahaha but they got my click.

NecoTehSergal235d ago

Eye-Popping is emphasized I guess, rather than artistic integrity? xD

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235d ago
Nu235d ago

Boobs are nourishing and pleasing to the eyes.

DivineAssault 235d ago

What a troll thumbnail.. Dont people know the only cosplay anyone cares about is the ladies in sexy attire?

235d ago
BishopPeace235d ago

None of the outfits are sexy attire, they're pretty accurate cosplay. Don't let a thumbnail trigger you.

spicelicka234d ago

Well then whoever used the thumbnail is an idiot and doesn't deserve the clicks because he/she is clearly trying to use boobs to get hits.

Regardless, the real thing to be triggered about is the stupid one item per page format to get extra hits. Fuck that.

DivineAssault 234d ago

You're the only one triggered here.. I was joking around and you took it seriously thus being triggered to respond proving your offended

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The story is too old to be commented.