PcAdvisor: Roxio Creator 2009 Review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"More of the suite's applications now let you upload directly to YouTube. Plus, Roxio Creator 2009 now offers its own online media-sharing service as a destination for your photos and videos (1GB free, 5GB is a pay-for option)."

"For new users, Roxio Creator 2009 is a good deal, especially if you act on the limited time giveaway of the Blu-ray plug-in. Roxio Creator 2009 is a massive installation (3GB of disk space is required) and a bit slow to switch between modules, but the look and the feel of the content it produces are excellent. For owners of previous packages, Roxio has also announced an upgrade price of £34.99. If you already have Roxio Media Creator, take a close look to see whether Creator 2009 offers anything you urgently need. If not, wait for the next iteration."

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