The Lack of Season Passes Should Continue

Shooters like Titanfall 2, Splatoon, and maybe even Star Wars Battlefront II are forgoing season passes. Should all second-tier titles follow suit?

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godashram235d ago

A season pass makes sense when there is a lot of planned content. The idea of getting it all at a discounted rate is an option that some will easily jump on. Now, what I see as an issue is that season passes tend to be available WAY before any of the content is out. Season Passes should become available on the day the 1st DLC becomes available.

235d ago
SegaGamer235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I prefer season passes over buying DLC individually. It's cheaper that way. I still think 99% of it is overpriced rubbish though. It's either content that should have already been in the game or short expansions that cost a quarter of what a full game would cost.

Most DLC "expansions" should cost no more than a few pounds, dollars, euros, etc.

Seraphim234d ago

in all honesty you can't lump a singular price to DLC/expansions. Granted, a lot should be much cheaper and a few pounds, dollars, what have you but not all. It is a big problem in gaming atm though and I'd like to see the trend taken to the chopping block. Yes sometimes it's great for gamers and games but far too often it's not.

Tankbusta40235d ago

You know what the end of season passes will mean? Tons and ton's of optional purchases or a focus on loot crates for better gear like COD. I know Titanfall 2 has stayed away from this but history has shown that gaming companies will do what they need to to get as much money as they can. I don't mind season passes, if I like the game and the first DLC is good I will purchase them. I would much rather it be optional than be flooded with microtransactions and loot crates

CrimsonWing69235d ago

The Season Pass isn't bad per se. It just felt abused this gen.

Like when they first did Season Passes it was like $15 and you got all DLC instead of buying them separate at a little higher rate, like maybe $20 if you did them individually.

Now it's like as much as a damn game and you still don't get all DLC.

It should be back to being $15 or heck even $20 for the pass and you get it all. I feel that's reasonable and helps fund developers and balances out lost sales from used game sales.

yeahright2235d ago

I know I'm in the minority here, but I think we need to see an end to e $60 for every game.
There's no way games like witcher 3, Zelda Botw and horizon e only worth $60. conversely, there's no way games like ryse, and the order are worth a whole $60.
If I'm being honest with myself, witcher 3, based on all the time and fun I had with it, was easily worth $100. The order was fine, but I shouldn't have paid more than $30 for it.

Seraphim234d ago

The problem with tiered pricing is that it would end up hurting developers/publishers. More expensive games people would be more inclined to skip, rent, or buy used. For years games don't tend to sell as many copies as they should because of several different reasons each consumer finds. Too short, no online, no MP, I'll buy it used, I'll just rent it and so on. Some games are worth more than $60 but to support those games there's often a Collectors edition of some sorts you can buy to give the games maker more money. I will say that like in the PS2 era more games should come out the gate w/ a price $10-20 lower. Some do but far too many that have no business selling for $60 ask just that.

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