PcAdvisor: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"Among the other enhancements are smoother screen display at odd zoom levels, the ability to "toss" your pixels with the spacebar, a bird's eye view quick-zoom, a new Vibrance adjustment layer (straight from Camera Raw), spring-loaded tools allowing you to temporarily switch from one tool to another, a pixel-grid view above 600-percent zoom, linked masks for Smart Objects, drag-resizing for brush cursors, and the ability to delete layers by pressing the Delete key. (You can't believe how handy that latter feature is.)"

"Do the updates to Photoshop Creative Suite 4 represent big changes? You betcha. Will they take some getting used to? Heck yes. Will you like Adobe Photoshop CS4? For the most part, the answer is a resounding yes."

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