IGN: Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

As the open world action genre continues to push forward and expand on consoles, it's inevitable that multiplayer starts to play a larger role. There's no better example of this than Saints Row 2, a game where two players can join up and play cooperatively through the entire campaign as well as engaging in more traditional competitive play.

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clinker3553d ago

Wow, that looks soooo terrible. I was actualy starting to get hyped for SR2, but those graphics... eugh!

Despite what the press thinks, to me it still looks like a poor man's GTA

Anton Chigurh3553d ago

Maybe the PS3 version will look much better *rolls eyes*

rbluetank3553d ago

i might have to wait and see on this game as well. these games are some of the games first on my list LBP,Fable,Socom,Fallout3 and ect...then maybe sr2 as a rental...