The internet redeems itself by rallying around bullied deaf and blind 'Counter-Strike' player

Justice is served!

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MeteorPanda272d ago

Twirch chat raids are amazing

272d ago
NotoriousWhiz272d ago

The Internet would be a better place with two things:

1) No anonymity, all accounts are tied to your real life name.
2) No ability to search for things people have done on the net. This way no one can learn of the activities you choose to keep secret, unless they also partake in said activities.

zuul9018272d ago

And if there wasnt such a thing as streamers.
Good on the kid or w/e for doing him but streamers suck.

MeteorPanda272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Wait why do streamers suck? I watch twitch instead of tv now...

NecoTehSergal271d ago

Grow up. All of it is replacing TV since TV and Hollywood became bloated and full of shills and Liberal propaganda. Get used to it, things like Youtube and people/shows on demand in such ways are the future.

Mithan272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Bull crap.

Proper parenting and supervision and teaching useless kids to grow up into proper adults who have morals, ethics and values would avoid this thing. Anonymity doesn't have anything to do with it unless there is a threat of action against one and it isn't like using a real name is going to prevent this, look at Facebook and tones of real life issues.

PurpHerbison272d ago

Anonymity plays a major role.

NotoriousWhiz271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Agreed. Proper parenting also solves those problems, but we can't control other people. We can control how the Internet works.

Anonymity on the other hand is huge. There is a reason that cyber bullying is far more prevalent than real life bullying.

I've gotten plenty of death threats on the Internet, but none in real life. I wonder why...

EatCrow271d ago

You forget.
Daddy gov't will be educating our kids from now on. Cuz parents are all bigots,etc.
Families are the first defense against government brainwashing and indoctrination.

Good parenting would definitely make the world a better place. But there are too many systems out there that encourage lack of responsibility and facing consequences of your actions.

Eonjay272d ago

Point one yes. Point two not so much for privacy from emploers and what not.

Ashlen271d ago

So basically what your saying is you want to live in China?

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Vegamyster272d ago

Good on him and those backing him up.

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