In Loving Memory Of The Intro & Cutscene

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes:

"Call me a misty-eyed nostalgic, but for me, the "golden age" of video games is not 2008. Wasn't 2007, wasn't 2004, wasn't 1978. It was the 1990's. Where, as a predominantly PC gamer, I was treated to not only some of the greatest games of all time from companies like Lucasarts, Origin and Bullfrog, but some of the most entertaining attempts at story-telling and world-building as well.

Forget Half Life 2's train ride. Forget Halo 3's bombastic aspirations. I'm talking about the cinematic introduction sequence, and its little brother, the cinematic cutscene."

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vitz33527d ago

"Forget Half Life 2's train ride."
"Half Life 2's train ride."
"Half Life 2's train"
"Half Life 2's"
"Half Life 2"

Half life 2 had a 6 second long train ride. Kotaku fails. It was the original Half Life.

JustinSaneV23527d ago

There's a cinematic during Half-Life 2's trainride. Quit being such so thick.