Diehard GameFAN: Armored Core For Answer Review

Armored Core For Answer is like some sort of anime version of the Madden franchise; a new one comes out nearly every year, it requires interested players to learn how the stats and mechanics work, and it's incredibly in-depth every time, even if it's lacking in originality. Featuring a world full of personality and style, some outstanding audio, easy to learn and customize controls, and a ton of replay value both online and off, it's hard to understand why such a game is relegated so niche status at first glance. Closer examination reveals some cracks in the armor, however; the game's AI is unbalanced in some respects, particularly when facing off against other Armored Core units.

It's not so much that Armored Core For Answer isn't accessible as it is that it's not for everyone, and while some may be put off by its difficulty, learning curve, and lack of originality, many will love it for what it is: a fun, complex, challenging action game featuring mechs blowing each other up. If you're into that, Armored Core For Answer should be on your "to purchase" list.

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