It's a Big Day for Remastered Game Releases

Four different remasters all arrive today, bringing a total of nine games to modern platforms.

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bashy401d ago

Wonder boy 2 looks incredible, love the art style and 8bit option.

jznrpg401d ago

Was it 2? I thought it was 4 but i forget hehe.

bashy400d ago

i have no idea why i even referred to it as "2", its at least the 4th.

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chris235401d ago

this is wrong on so many levels. remasters are a plague. a low-effort companies are churning out because of minimum input, maximum output.

SolidGear3401d ago

BioShock: The Collection says different. I agree that some are cheap cash grabs but definitely not that and many others.

hiawa23401d ago

I agree, I have loved the remasters especially games like Uncharted, Gears, Bioshock. I don't look at them as a plague. Who would use such terms when talking about videogames, nor do I look at them as taking away from new games. I am hoping the Ninja Gaiden and Splinter Cell series gets a 1080p remaster.

philm87401d ago

People want remasters, nobody forces you to buy them. I'm loving playing through Skyrim at the moment in glorious 4K, having never played the game before

CorndogBurglar401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

How are they a plague? Please explain this. Yes, some are cheap cash grabs. But many others are very well done.

1. People want them, as they obviously sell well.

2. None of the well made remasters have kept new games in the franchise from being made.

3. They provide new console adopters a way to play exclusive games from previous gens that they might have missed.

4. They let people experience an older franchise that they may have skipped in the past.

So honestly, what negative effect do they really have? How are they negatively effecting you? You don't have to buy them if you don't want them.

godashram401d ago

Went an older game is just ported with no polish or anything added, then yes, it sucks. But with games like Wonder Boy, Where the entire game is pretty much redone, then there is value there. Other games, like Voodoo Vince and Full Throttle, where everything is cleaned up and more, is also a great way to remember these older games that ran on hardware that very few still own and use.

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Jakens401d ago

Remasters have been amazing! You got to love it. There has been many great ones and I hope for a few more.

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