First 100% Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Speedrun Takes 49 Hours

In a run with so much to cover, there’s plenty of time to save and accidental deaths to avoid.

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Geobros370d ago

50 hours?? Wow!! How many hours then for a non speedrun 100% round? The game is huge :o

Lockdown555370d ago

I'm 80+ hours in with no end in sight. I'm probably only about 50% through right now. This game is insanely massive and full of content.

curtis92370d ago

I'm over 130 and still have many more shrines to go. I will say I've not been the most productive player ever, I'm not reading strategies and googling locations of things. Playing it as if the internet didn't exist.

mikeslemonade370d ago

This game is relatively filler. Most of the time in the game you spend running to the next new area. And that area is typically underwhelming.

deafdani369d ago


Nice try, but nope, not true at all. You don't even have this game.

deafdani369d ago

Non-speedrun? For most normal gamers playing it for the first time and with little to no outside help (guides, etc), it will probably take several hundred hours to complete. I'm already about 100 hours in, and still have a fuck ton of side quests to do, and a lot more to discover (I haven't even went searching for the Master Sword, for example)... and I've only gathered about 75 korok seeds, and the game has 900. Oh, and I've done about 60 shrines out of 120, I believe.

So yup, I'm never going to complete this game at 100%. Lol.


Im 40 hours in and only completed two dungeons and maybe 20 shrines. So much to do in this game

DJ_Professor_K370d ago

Sounds about right but I'm a little schocked nowadays ..... how long would the old games take I'll have to look that up back then you needed a strategy guide rember that lol Cheaters Nintendo Power anyone :)

OT: The word content still rubs me wrong ever since they started selling it a executive with a sales pitch pops up in mind every time I hear it e3 has left me scared lol

EddieNX 370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

100 hours in 101 shrines done, all memories collected, almost all armour sets completed and all dungeons and Ganon complete. I think I've beat every wild boss at least once as well.

Its insane how I've still got 19 shrines and some armour left to collect a month and a half after I got it lol. I'm almost deliberately stretching it out though ATM, because its so damn good.


I forgot all about the memories. I think I have one and I didn't go after it on purpose. I love this game except those damn motion control shrines.

curtis92370d ago

There's like 5 to 10 of them out of 120 though.

deafdani369d ago

Yeah, I agree, those motion control shrines can go to hell. And I usually don't mind motion controls in games, but they're really clunky and unintuitive on this game. But whatever, they're only a very small handful out of more than 100 shrines, so in the end it's not a big deal at all.

Gemmol369d ago

they are easier if you remove the right joy con from the handheld and turn it with your hand


That's wild dude. It's nice to know that the Switch has games cable of producing that much content. I'm busy with Persona 5 and Horizon right now, but I'm seriously considering buying a Switch when the price drops. I know I can't miss out on Bayonetta 3 :)


I haven't played P5 but I have Horizon. I couldn't handle playing both Horizon and Zelda so as of right now I'm on Zelda. I'm looking forward to getting back into Horizon since the last time I played I got butchered by that big flying machine.

curtis92370d ago

It's difficult going from Botw to Horizon and vice versa. I made the mistake of trying to play both too close to each other.

370d ago