Horizon: Zero Dawn is a Model for AAA Innovation

Matt Faherty of Gaming Rebellion discusses why Horizon Zero Dawn is the kind of innovation that is sorely lacking amongst AAA development teams.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane403d ago

Breath of the Wild is the innovation AAA games need. Where physics actually matter and you can overcome obstacles by using logic. Like aligning metal swords to make an electrical conductor.

This is where open world AAA games need to be going. Horizon doesnt do anything new in that regard.

Goldby403d ago

oh yes, i can pass electricity through a sword to create circuit, but be careful around bushes and trees with that sword or it'll break...

Zelda has some things goign for it, but there are alot of things it doesn't have goign for it to. weapon degregation is on about 50lbs of crack cocaine, voice acting is up to par for a AAA game just to name a vouple

yeahright2403d ago

Horizon tells it's story far better. And as someone that plays games primarily for the story, Horizon is by far the superior game. Too many times I've seen how awesome a gameplay mechanic is while ignoring failings. Even though I prefer horizon, it's also guilty of this. "Look at her eyes! you can see the reflection of the environment!" But she can walk over snow and not leave a foot print or have the water react to her. So admittedly, putting a fire sword on your back to warm you up doesn't really do as much for me as it does others.

Thunder_G0d_Bane403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Well if you want to talk story and rpg elements then Witcher 3 is the bar. And horizon hasn't topped witcher 3 at all.

yeahright2403d ago

well yeah, that's my game of the generation thus far and I don't really see anything coming that looks to even be in striking distance of it.

UCForce403d ago

Well, Horizon perfected the open world formula. Not just Witcher 3. I think you got jealous.