This Just In: Bungie are Jerks writes:

"If you felt a disturbance in the force this morning, as if a million Xbox fanboys suddenly cried out in unison, "Meh." you'll know why.

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with a Halo 3 expansion pack, per se. It's just that after the bone-achingly torturous hype campaign we have had to endure, we expected something a little more -- you know -- wicked awesome. Alarm-clock settingly awesome."

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clinker3464d ago

I know this was my first reaction to watching the trailer. Not sure about the rest of you.

power of Green 3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

We figured that. So you won't be getting this for your 360?

Whats "MEH" about it? how do you know its "MEH" worthy? could be the greatest expansion ever for all we know. Were you expecting confirmation for a new game or are you just a hater?

In your eyes this was "MEH" news and was so dissopointing you wasted your time digging it up(probably probing sense the announcment)and then posts first expressing how dissopointing it is. lol

Anton Chigurh3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Anyway, No need to watch the trailer

Halo is one of my favorite games

TheColbertinator3464d ago

I think the reason why some people are not so excited is because most of the info like 8 player co-op was already leaked on EGM several months back.Also we knew this was coming since Bungie originally planned for this to be shown at E3.

mfwahwah3464d ago

Maybe clinker's reaction to the trailer was "meh." Not a reaction to the news... the trailer. As in the visuals. What you see, not the knowledge gained through interpretation. Just maybe.

Also, I know this news is "meh." Halo 3 to me is "alright," so an expansion to an "alright" game is "meh."

Xelai3464d ago

I can understand the point in the article, yes having an expansion, and it seems a big one is cool, but so much hype, cancelling, rescheduling and rehyping for anything less than a new game is a bit of a letdown.

Anyway we will see.

fear883464d ago

Warhawk has a freaking 14.99 expansion set including all the expansions released, and yet they limit their hype but a halo expansion which will probably be the same price will only receive some minor updates and nothing significantly different or new, suddenly is being defended as the single greatest expansion to a game?

How retarded.

Gam713464d ago

retarded is you dismissing this.

Tell me how do you know its just a minor update?

No one else outside of bungie knows what it is so you must work for bungie?
If you don't like this expansion you should have worked harder on it.

Of course if you're not a bungie employee you must own a ps3 and making this up.
How about you wait til the contents released before you knock it or stick to playing warhawk and leave games you don't own or have any interest in alone.

Megatron083463d ago

I think the reason for the "Meh" has a lot to do with what people expect from other expansion/aaddons. They are so use to getting minor addons from XBL that and true full expansion doesnt really sink in. Some expansion for pc games are bigger and better then the actual gmae

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Flops "R" Us3464d ago

Surely you didnt expect to be impressed by a flopbox game?

Anton Chigurh3464d ago

I feel sorry for this guy

Mods must Ban Queefy B / Flop r us .

LikAChicken3464d ago

I am not going to lie. I actually come to this site more than other forums because the "fanboys" make this site so freaking funny. I actually openly laugh when I see what some people post. Like I really hope thats not how they are in real life or else that would be sad but on the net its actually kind of funny.
(And I own the PSWii60 though and will be getting Fable2, Fallout3, GeoW2, R2, and LBP. So there's no bias against which type of "fanboy" I'm talking about.

~I am a gamer...lmao!~

TheColbertinator3464d ago


The mods have already done that several times.This guy is unbannable.I think he operates out of a proxy server but even so the admins have not gotten rid of him.

Flops "R" Us3464d ago

Steven Colbert,is that you?You are the only other member who seems to be under the impression that Queefy B is I and I am Queefy B,an impression that is false.

But please,continue,it's an honor to be mistaken for Queefy

Gam713464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

another account flops.

At least use a different name


No Stephen.

Say its not true...
he's not one of those mega-trolls is he?

TheColbertinator3464d ago


Yes he is a mega-troll from what I can tell.Admins like Catastrophe have banned his other accounts but it seems he outsmarts them constantly.

@Queefy B/Flops R Us

You are funny.And its not like you are lying either.But your trolling is unnecessary and its because of you that trolls like Kiddy Brown Turd and Zerodin have made racist comments to annoy the other Sony fanboys.Either way I can't stop you and neither can the mods so whatever.

Gam713464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

They mustn't be that smart if using the same name, avatar, and a sudden jump in 4 bubbles every 2 days is all it takes.

YoshiMeetsU3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

So this jackass gets reduced to one bubble and then he just goes and makes another account?

What a complete loser. Well if the mods/admins can't do anything about it I am going to make you my first ignore.

Anton Chigurh3464d ago

@ Steve Colbert

I didn't know that lol , this guy must be really desperate to create all that accounts just to bash the 360


@ Flop

man you need to find a better thing to do in your life, you're wasting to much energy for something stupid

BTW , I'm not Steve Colbert , as you can see English is not my native language but , he seems like a good guy

Gam713464d ago

"BTW , I'm not Steve Colbert , as you can see English is not my native language but , he seems like a good guy"

meh, he has his moments ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Flop is also that (((((Nona)))))) person and the -_- user which he has a couple variations of that. I'm sure there are many others.

Gam71 is definately not Stephen Colbert.

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Flops "R" Us3464d ago

After-all,this is the same console that published the biggest flop in the history of video gaming,i.e Too Human aka the 10 year flop

Freezingduck3464d ago

This is worst than GTAIV DLC lol

Flops "R" Us3464d ago

Therefore you should have set your expectations extremely low,for there has yet to be a flopbox game that impresses true gamers

running rampid3464d ago

it is pure speculation that it is an expansion pack. you couldn't properly take anything away from the trailer. it could still very well be the rumoured tactical sim. and although a expansion pack is an educated guess, there's a chance it is wrong.

falviousuk3464d ago

it says halo 3 expansion on the xbox marketplace