6 Video Games That Would Make Great Board Games

Here is a list of six video games that deserve to be made into board games, not including existing games like Monopoly with video game themes.

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pressjudge366d ago

Board games are so coming back with force

Aenea366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Have been for 15 to 20 years actually! Yearly 100s are being released!

To check out all available boardgames:

Or to see people you might know playing them:

aarogree366d ago

Yes, but only recently have more and more been made that are not only based on video games, and only a relatively few have ever been successful, either at translating the games over to board game format or at selling well.

Aenea366d ago


I disagree with that completely!

Like with movies based on videogames, boardgames based on videogames are usually not all that great with an occasional exception I suppose.

Boardgames have been selling quite well, maybe not to the general public at large (it's a more niche hobby at the moment than videogaming is) but they are selling! Every year there are several huge events and cons around the world, one of which is Spiel held in Essen, Germany, each year.

A halls walkthrough of last year's event:

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