PS4 vs Xbox One and Wii U - VGChartz Gap Charts - February 2017 Update

PS4 vs. Xbox One and Wii U Global:

Gap change in latest month: 629,505 – PS4

Gap change over last 12 months: 7,485,419– PS4

Total Lead: 13,323,693 – PS4

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 55,910,684

Total Combined Xbox One and Wii U Sales: 42,586,991

The gap has grown for 26 straight months in favor of the PlayStation 4 when compared to the combined sales of the Xbox One and Wii U. The gap in the latest month grew by 629,505 units and 7.49 million units in the last 12 months.

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PhoenixUp366d ago

The gap is nearly as wide as there are Wii U units sold

365d ago
Bathyj365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

When is Sony gonna announce sales numbers again? I guess either at 60m or at the end of their fiscal year report, whichever comes first. It was 53m at January 1st. It had to have sold over 3m since then. Must be edging close.

lodossrage365d ago

It would be nice information to know for some people. But to be honest, I respect them as a company for not jumping out and talking about sales all the time. Like even when the NPD comes out, they hardly ever even comment on them anymore. The fact is, you know a company's product is in a good place when they company themselves doesn't have to try to talk about the sales, the media themselves does it for them.

Bathyj365d ago

Well I dont need it for console war ammo trust me. More just curiosity and because I am happy for Sony that they have turned their fortunes around so well. I grew up in the 80's so I had a Walkman, we had a Trinatron TV and even our first VCR was a Sony. It all worked great was top quality and reliable and I had that TV for 13 years. Later on, Playstation came out and changed gaming forever and probably had a bigger impact than any other company other than Atari.

Its a shame to see such an iconic company thats suffered so much, but good to see them turn it around, even if they arent in their glory days and Playstation is carrying the company. So when Im happy about their numbers its to celebrate them and what theyve achieved, not to rub it in someone elses face.

PhoenixUp365d ago

Anytime soon since they're fiscal period ended last month

365d ago

It's almost May and they're showing sales dated from February lol yeah who cares!

365d ago