GameZone: Commando: Steel Disaster Review

Seven minutes, forty-two seconds. That's how long it took to finish the first stage in Commando: Steel Disaster. But that statement only tells half the story. Though the level itself is short (as are all levels in this game), it will take you five to 10 times as long to get skilled enough, or maybe just lucky enough, to actually complete any given stage.

If this turns you off, leave now. If the retro screenshots, Metal Slug-inspired appearance and Metal Slug-inspired difficulty are music to your ears, then this just might be the best DS game you've had in months.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Difficulty Hard
Concept 5
Overall 8.0

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PS360WII3583d ago

Ah coolness didn't know it was one of those games. Would be nice to have another high octane side scroller :)