GameZone: PAIN Amusement Park Review

In November of 2007, gamers were introduced to one of the Playstation Networks greatest releases, PAIN. This game took all that was great about ragdoll physics based games like Burnout and gave us the best part...the crash. Flinging various characters from a catapult and destroying buildings, signs, cars, etc. was never as much fun as here.

It's just about a year later, and Idol Minds has just released the much anticipated "Expansion Area" with PAIN: Amusement Park, and they have left a little to be desired.

Gameplay 7.3
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Difficulty Easy/Medium
Concept 7.5
Multiplayer 6.9
Overall 7.3

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mindedone3587d ago

I still don't see the appeal of this game.

Rapture3333586d ago

I was wondering what all the huss was about, so I downloaded it. At first I'm thinking... Hmmm, there has to be more to this right? Well they're wasn't TO much more. But it's definantly a fun game to have in MP. So if you play in MP a a lot with friends, you should enjoy PAIN.+