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The setting is at first something shaky to think about; with a bow and arrow wielding red-headed woman going around killing robotic animals, but it’s something that is mesmerizing beyond other typical games. Not only did Guerrilla Games pull this off, but they made it fluid, gorgeous, and something other companies have to compete with.

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InKnight7s367d ago

8.7 really? And next what? 20 ÷ 2.3812209.
Sometimes I cant know if tgese sites r serious or not.

skwidd367d ago

I'm sorry but I think they nailed the number. Sounds like a very objective and accurate representation of the game based on facts. /s

JohnHeatz367d ago

What exactly is your complaint here, though? At Gamers Sphere we do have a way to get our scores per criteria allowing our site's engine to get the full score, that's why we divide our reviews in different aspects such as story, gameplay, characters, etc.

One of the first things we talk within the staff is that, not because you like something, it has to be good, or the other way around, as we do our best to stay as objective with the scores as possible. Still, we are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Injusticewarrior367d ago

"The sites engine"
Sure, whatever you say.

367d ago