Here's what a Nintendo Switch mini could look like

The Nintendo DS & 3DS had several models, so it's likely Nintendo will continue that tradition with the Nintendo Switch.

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colonel179427d ago

What would be the point of a Switch Mini? If Nintendo replaces the 3DS, it will be with the Switch. They will join all their teams to focus on the Siwtch, and make games that would be on a portable console, too.

Why would Nintendo release a 3DS successor, only to have two portable consoles on the market? Yes, the Switch is being marketed as a home console first, but it has a portable aspect, and there is no need for another.

The Switch will have both home and protable games. Big games like Zelda, but also games that would fit better on a PS Vita. Nintendo would be fool to release a 3DS successor, and a mini switch is a stupid idea.

TekoIie427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

You say that as though the Switch and the Mini would be two completely different systems.

mikeslemonade427d ago

It's stupid because the screen is only 720p you don't have a high enough resolution for that screen size and then you try to port games to it. It only works if a game developed exclusively. But porting games down to inferior resolution is gonna make games look choppy.

TekoIie427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


I have no idea what you're on about or how it relates to this topic.

mikeslemonade427d ago

I'm saying the Switch mini would be too small. I already can't play Zelda on the go. You need to see detail in order to play some games.

deafdani427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


Why can't you play Zelda on the go? I can do it just fine, and the screen looks pretty damn good, even at 720p. You can't really see the pixels unless you stick the Switch to your nose, and nobody plays it like that.

You're deluded by the absolutely unnecessary high resolutions of smartphone screens. 1080p is already a bit overkill for a 5" smartphone, never mind 4K phones... lol.

Yup, I'm 99% sure you don't even have a Switch, judging by the, frankly put, amount of bullshit in your post.

Oh, and BTW: the theoretical Switch Mini would have the same resolution, dude, just like all versions of 3DS / 2DS have the same resolution. Use some common sense.

subtenko427d ago

So yet another device....

This is just gonna make things slighty more complicated

mikeslemonade427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I like how somebody assumes I don't have something because I said something negative about it.

The switch does look "good" on the handheld mode. It looks better at 720p handheld than 900p docked mode. However zelda requires exploring and looking at things. At that small screen you can't see small details. The small details are hidden while the smallness does hide flaws like aliasing.

Also you said same resolution, it won't help. The issue is the size also.

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_-EDMIX-_427d ago

"Why would Nintendo release a 3DS successor, only to have two portable consoles on the market?"


Did you even read the article?

"The Nintendo 3DS also saw the release of the smaller and cheaper Nintendo 2DS, which removed the unpopular 3D function and made those games available to play on a much cheaper machine"

ie this isn't a new portable ie a different market, it is simply a different version of the Switch....

subtenko427d ago

With no removable joycons?

deafdani427d ago

The Switch Mini would be the exact same thing as the Switch in the sense that it plays the same games. However, being a whole single thing and not modular, and not having a dock, would make it cheaper.

It just makes sense. Nintendo could even release an optional minidock for it so that you can also plug it to the TV, with the caveat that you'd then be required to buy an extra pair of Joycon or a Pro Controller...

_-EDMIX-_427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


THIS 100%

mcstorm427d ago

That's my thinking of it. It could work and if they made it for something like £150ish and the switch for £250ish could be onto something but I think we are at least 18 months before Nintendo look to kill the 3ds.

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corroios427d ago

Cheaper, kids friendly, this would sell tons. Nintendo must be thinking in something like this

QSPR427d ago

+1. I already have the switch but I don't mind sell the regular one and buy the mini.

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