Is Marrying a Video Game Character Just Sick?

If it were possible to marry a virtual reality character, would gamers do it? Perhaps players are close to taking that plunge.

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jjj0309369d ago

Hey I heard you talkan shit about my waifu

369d ago
Dan_scruggs369d ago

Is Murdering a Video Game Character Just Sick?


Glemt369d ago

That's a very good point. If murdering, raping, pillaging, romancing etc. is okay, why not marriage? I guess in all the previous cases you play as an ingame character murdering an ingame character, whereas the marrying would be done between you yourself and an ingame character.

Kornholic369d ago

Yes. Even a normal marriage to a woman is the worst contract a man could ever sign.

Omnisonne369d ago

She gon steal all ur ingame credits!1!

Seriously though, I get why some people would want to be together with objects or virtual characters that they feel some sort of deep connection with, as weird as it might be sometimes. But actually performing a ritual of bonding seems silly to me.

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