Bungie's Keep It Clean Halo Video Explained & Detailed Screencaps

Bungie released a teaser trailer entitled Keep It Clean but failed to tell us what its about or what is going on. See 44 screencaps from the video and read an explanation of what is going on and why those aren't meteors.

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crapbox 3603580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

When the thousands of xbots download this 'expansion pack', their 360s will RRoD and they will be crying and getting all angry throwing hissy fits, and Bungie is just telling them before-hand to 'keep it clean', because the whining from the Xbots is inevitable.

*_*3580d ago

((i can explain the video as well it is a flop there that is the end of my explanation))

crapbox 3603580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I was about to fall asleep watching this video, then I remembered how fun PS3 is so I quickly woke up and went back to playing PS3, since my PS3 actually works and hasn't fried up yet

Well no more posting in this crappy article, I'll hand it over to the Xbots now so they can take it from here so they can try to convince themselves that this update will actually be 'cool'.

power of Green 3580d ago

You need to see a good psycriatrist.

crapbox 3603580d ago

Time to accept Halo 3 will soon have the same fate as my past 5 Xbox's.

crapbox 3603580d ago

Please tell me these 'screencaps' are from some N64-joke version of Halo 3 or something, because if not then LOL! Is 360's graphics really that weak? I guess its time for the xbox 720 so it can finally compete with the PlayStation 3.

christian hour3580d ago

Wow... these guys didn't really explain much. In fact whoever wrote this really didn't know much at all... or notice half the stuff thats hidden in the trailer itself. Its very self explanatory on whats happening. The only thing that it doesn't explain is what the gameplay will be like... It wil use halo's engine, and more than likely will be an FPS... but will it be squad based like its rumored? Only time will tell.

And before anyone pipes up. Its not the flood... because the space elevator is still standing... And the flood arrived on high charity - Long after the space elevator was destroyed.And Not on ODST pods.

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The story is too old to be commented.