UGO: Samba de Amigo Review

UGO writes: "Perhaps on that giant ladder of activities that make you look like a jackass shaking Wiimotes like maracas is not as high as say, shredding on a 2/3 scale plastic guitar. But it certainly feels like it. Even at its most thugged out, an offensively saccharin version of the Rocky theme song, you look and feel ridiculous playing this game. You can imagine what it's like when the Macarena (yes, THAT Macarena) cues up. The exaggerated fits and starts of players are not from hilarity based enthusiasm, however. They are from miserable motion detection.

Back in the glory days of the Dreamcast I vaguely remember the original Samba debuting. I was far too busy destroying the streets of Jet Grind Radio to really stop and take notice of the burgeoning rhythm game genre with its preposterous rattling controllers. In this remake for the Wii the premise remains the same, shake your maracas to the beat. Since there are no notes to hit with these simple instruments you are prompted to play the beats in certain physical positions, namely high, medium, and low. In between frantic shaking you strike poses with the maracas and for some songs, do short dances."

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