UGO: Dragon Quest IV Review

UGO writes: "Perhaps I've been spoiled by the PS2 juggernaut, Final Fantasy 12 but the battle experience in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen has given me a nervous tick over the last week. How did I long for that delicious gambit system when I was hammering on the A button again and again and again just to keep selecting and confirming what felt like the two dozen prompts involved in choosing "fight" for that round of combat. But I suppose it's part of the package, repetitive, menu-driven interfaces. Gambits are so 2006. And this is supposed to be retro right? So then what about the 3D rendered environments? That's not very retro. And this is how I came to identify DQIV as one big list of then and now disparities.

The story of DQIV is nothing particularly innovative, a great evil has arisen and with its coming a hero has stepped up to regulate. Even though this is a remake of a 1990 NES title the story system is fairly fresh. There are five chapters to the tale, where the first four tell the history of the hero's companions that eventually join him or her in the fifth and final chapter. Again, chapter based story telling is hardly new but in a genre defined by taking your character and building him or her into a towering bad ass with humble slime-killing roots it can be jarring. For example, it will only take an hour or two to complete the first chapter but once it's done you move on to a new chapter with a new starring character in a new part of the world. If you had done any careful outfitting or diligent grinding with the Royal Captain from the first chapter it seems as if it were a waste of time."

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PS360WII3584d ago

Good stuff. I liked his summary as a fan of DQ you'd be hard pressed not to want to play this game but those who only played rpgs from tale end of last gen and this gen it might seem a bit off for you.