Dear BioWare: Stop making open-world games

Dear BioWare: We need to have a talk.

You've been doing a really good job of listening to people, as the latest Andromeda patch proves. But instead of minor complaints like "dear god, that face is hideous" or "this character is written poorly," this one's philosophical: BioWare, it's time for you to stop with the open-world experiment.

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skydragoonityx367d ago

Dear author, they are other non open world games you can play

no_more_heroes367d ago

To be fair though, I would like to see what a BioWare-produced linear game like Uncharted would be like. I think it would still be awesome (if maybe not quite Uncharted awesome).

LAWSON72366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I hope they never make anything like UC. UC is great but IMO it would be a plague if every game had to be like it or has to be considered a far superior way to make games because it is far from it.

Bioware has always had their own way of making open world and semi linear story experiences.

That being said I would love to see a dev like Telltale or any talented writing team tackle an adventure game taht digs into ME or even DA.

EatCrow366d ago

Bioware has created amazing more linear games in the past.
Recently with DA Inquisition and Mass Effect A theyve been doing open world areas with little success.
Id take another KOTOR over any of this crap.

Princess_Pilfer366d ago

Dear Skydragonityx:
That doesn't change the fundamental problems with storytelling in open worlds and how the type of stories Bioware is (or was) good at telling suffer from the open world structure.

In my view, there are effectively 2 ways to tell a traditional story properly in an open world.
1: Copy fallout NV and tie absolutely everything into 1 centeral conflict and make that conflict about things other than the player.
2: Let the main story suffer some from the lack of focus and instead hyper focus on making all of the side quests interesting stories the players will see through for their own sake. Like a series of short stories, rather than a novel.

Bioware does neither of these. and so their proper structured stories suffer from serious pacing problems, and or a lack of structure that prevents meaningful storytelling.

Christopher366d ago

***Id take another KOTOR over any of this crap.***

Umm.. that game is an open world game after you get to the second planet... And it's definitely not linear after that point either.

Princess_Pilfer366d ago

No, it's not. you're taking fixed paths to a fixed point, usually very linear paths (like the balconys on the wokie planet and the tombs/acadamy of korriban.) The game is no more open world after the second planet than the story missions of Mass Effect are.

Christopher365d ago

Linear, straight line.

Open world: not linear and giving the player choice in direction.

After planet two, you decide where to go and the areas are not linearly designed. Dungeons are, but not the word itself.

Princess_Pilfer363d ago

Uh, no.
Linear: Along or comprised of lines. (note, lines don't have to be straight.)

Open world: free roam, or (more loosely) sandbox are terms for video games where a player can move freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in regard to how and when to approach particular objectives

You don't have a real choice in direction, you have a choice in which linear path to take. Best case (for your open world argument), there is a hub (like on the selkath planet) and lots of trecking back and forth to solve some of the quests in there. However, even on that planet, you spend the majority of your time in a dungeon following a fixed path both in terms of actual gameplay and story progression, with little or no freedom to explore because there is, by design, very little to explore along said fixed path.

Fallout 3/NV/$ are open world games. You can go most anywhere at most any time and do the overwhelming majority of the quests (basically anything that isn't main story specific) in any order. It might be bordering on suicidal to do so, but you can. Kotor takes a more Dark Souls 2 approach. Here is a set of fixed, linear paths to follow. You get to pick the order or needlessly backtrack all you like, but there's nothing open about it. It's still a simple path of forward progression.

InMyOpinion366d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda is awesome and exploring new planets is one of the most exciting open world activities I've had in years.

LAWSON72366d ago

I personally found them underwhelming compared to previous games. Sure they were more opened, but IMO previous games did a fine job of showing the scope and character while focusing on what needed to be focused on rather than waste my time walking around nothing and finding stupid collectible stuff for fetch quests. I have not beat the game though, I only did what I am assuming is the first three of five explorable worlds.

PapaBop366d ago

I have no problem with open world games it's the filler in Andromeda which puts me off, quest design like "go to x and fetch y" etc constantly used make it sound like a generic MMORPG.

Manubiggs366d ago

And lots of sudoku as well

Perjoss366d ago

The main quest i think is meaty enough that you can skip side content and still get a lot of gameplay out of this title.

Artemidorus366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Dear Author, you haven't a clue, go away

The general public.

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