PressureCast: How The Xbox Scorpio is Already Winning (Episode One-Hundred-Seventy-Seven)

What? How The Heck Is The Scorpio Winning? It’s Not Even Out Yet! Well, Listen to Colin Explain. He Better Have Some Answers.

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skydragoonityx429d ago

Of cus its winning. Winning the cash from the wallets of team xbox

alb1899429d ago

It is already winning because after the reveal of all specifications the people are more hiper about it.
MS delivered what they promised and more.
With the proper price it will be very difficult to find.

429d ago
Bruh429d ago

It's extremely well engineered. But Microsoft needs to deliver a good exclusive library for the Xbox One family and work with 3rd party developers to have them push the hardware. One of the biggest quirks on the Pro are the minimal upgrades seen in some 3rd party games.