Thompson Responds To Disbarment

Today's stunning news that controversial attorney and anti-gaming zealot Jack Thompson will be disbarred for life from practicing law by the Supreme Court of Florida seems to have done little to phase the attorney himself.

In response to our request for comment Thompson sent Kotaku a copy of an emergency motion he filed with the court, this despite the ruling which states that only another attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar could file a motion for rehearing on Thompson's behalf.

In the motion Thompson outlines what he hints at as a perversion of justice, one that won't allow him, for instance, to meet with a potential client who he says is an inmate in a state prison.

Thompson also sent over a press release saying that the disbarment is in retaliation for, among other things, Thompson's Tyndale House book Out of Harm's Way which he says blew the whistle on what he describes as the Florida Supreme Court's attack on his activism against the American entertainment industry.

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CurlUpAndDie3439d ago

he needs his teeth kicked in.

vitz33439d ago

I wish i could keep clicking agree.

badkolo3439d ago

well it look slike he has his own problems now and wont be able to do much harm to gamers much longer