PS3 Vault: PlayTV: An Accidental Review

PS3 vault writes: "Here's the thing: I'm a bit forgetful. Always have been. So imagine my surprise when, some six months after completely forgetting I'd done so, an order of PlayTV arrives on my doorstep. Fearing the onset of senility I went back and checked my account and indeed I had gone for a preorder. Here then are my thoughts after nearly a week's household use.

Much has already been said about the disparity between features that were promised early on and those that arrived in the final box so I won't go in to that here. I'm going to focus on the average usage that you could expect someone to get out of it.

Out of the box it's a fairly inoffensive piece of black plastic. A little light perhaps: I like to feel a bit of substance in my technology. The instructions are very much "does what it says on the tin", insert the disc and install the PlayTV software then connect the device as directed to your PS3 and aerial input."

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