Horizon Zero Dawn 1.13 Patch Notes

"Hello everyone – We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out a new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn today."

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ccgr367d ago

Nice, I like the background music option :)

GtR35olution367d ago

Such an amazing game and its technologically the best game ive played this generation .

TheSaint366d ago

Platinum on it (pretty easy) and couldn't agree more, graphically superb, solid frames, great draw distance, excellent gameplay.

Death Stranding is using this engine too!

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IamTylerDurden1366d ago

It's cool to play your own music and it's awesome that GG continues to work hard on patches for a game that was so polished at launch. However, this patch is very minor and basically equates to just bug fixes.

I find it interesting that when a game that is overwhelmingly accepted by the community gets even a minor patch ppl are there in droves to heap praise. But when a game that is not as socially accepted gets a patch, even a game changing patch that reads like an expansion, ppl again come in droves, but this time to criticize and demean.

All devs should get credit for providing post launch support, including the developers of games that truly need the support. When a game comes out half baked ppl have the right to criticize the developer, but when that same dev works tirelessly to right their wrongs ppl need to recognize that and give some form of credit.

I love GG and Horizon as much as anyone, but i find it disturbing that GG puts out a minor patch and ppl gush. On the other hand, a company like HG puts out ridiculously massive and impactful patches for a game like No Man's Sky and ppl just continue to throw stones and follow the angry mob.

I could've easily just left another pro Sony comment and praised this patch, but instead, i felt it could be used to say something of substance.

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KaiPow367d ago

Perfect timing! I was thinking about finally starting Horizon this weekend.

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consolez_FTW367d ago

this is good! it was weird spotify being disabled, the horizon soundtrack is great, but I like having my own music playing especially in open world games

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