The Japanese punk of Persona 5 is its most defining trait

While Persona 5 has been in development for about six years, the game’s themes feel particularly resonant in 2017. The heroes of the game style themselves after legendary Phantom Thieves, a literary archetype codified by French author Maurice Leblanc’s famous gentleman thief character, Arsene Lupin.

While the Persona series has always been adept at locking into the disenfranchised teen spirit of its characters, there’s something about Persona 5’s cast of thieves fighting against the “one percent” that feels in-line with the current resistance climate, and punk culture as a whole.

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Festano159d ago

Great article, it increased my interest in the game.

Eonjay159d ago

I figure that I would eventually get it anyway so I just got he steelbook since Amazon has it for only $60 but I have so many games to beat first, including Horizon, that if you are like me you can just put it on your list of things to get this holiday. I am getting Neir and Nioh this holiday.

MyDietEqualsGames159d ago

I put off platinuming Nioh, Horizon and Nier for this. Can't say I am disappointed. My expectations so far are exceeded.