Top 5 Ways To Make Avatars Better

Is Microsoft's Avatars truly a Mii copy or do they have what it takes to stand out on their own?? Here's 5 ways to get Microsoft's Avatars out of the Mii shadow and into gamer's sunlight.

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meepmoopmeep3612d ago

yes, it is a Mii copy.

but it looks better than Miis though.

DNAgent3612d ago

They should've just called them "Homies" (Home/Mii). They know damn well what they did.

Flops "R" Us3612d ago

but these are the same guys that published Too Human,made the Zune,and to top it all off;created the flopbox!

Captain Tuttle3612d ago

As long as they're optional I'm happy.

power of Green 3612d ago

Why did Sony name the their new console the *PS3* when they should have named it the wiioxstation fee

Flops "R" Us3612d ago

1.5/10,your attempt fails for it carries the stench of the pig shed you came out of

FCOLitsjustagame3612d ago

Yes they are Miis.
Why do we have to have an avatar that is a stupid looking person. At least give us the dog and the robot from Microsoft office.

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