Strategy Informer: Warriors Orochi 2 Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Koei's 'Warriors' series has become so entrenched in gaming folklore at this point that it's essentially self-sufficient. It's virtually impossible to find any gamer of PS2 age and above that hasn't played one of the numerous titles in the lineage, with the developer churning out game after game for the same rabid fanbase year after year. Warriors Orochi brings together the two pillars of the franchise (Dynasty and Samurai), in one all-encompassing package for PS2 and Xbox360, adding precious little but depth of content. The mechanics will be familiar, graphical quality remains sub-par, and the structure of the missions remains unchanged. Here we go again.

Last year's Orochi would seem to be the logical point of conclusion for the Koei franchise, and yet here we are with iteration number two based on the same engine. The story picks up roughly where our heroes previously left off; with the demon lord Orochi vanquished and each of the three factions threatening to return to their warring ways, a timely resurrection of the serpent king once again unites everybody to do battle under one flag. Orochi 2 features the same mind-numbing cheesy voicework and the same over-the-top story arc that'll either delight you in its stupidity or make you want to snap the disc in two – again, no change there."

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