Wait, How Did The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Switch Outsell the Switch Itself?

So how does a game outsell the console its made for?

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CocoaBrother126d ago

People buying the game before getting a hold of the system(I know a few) and people buying two copies(one collector's/special edition to keep sealed) and another to play.

ziggurcat126d ago

the people buying two copies to keep one sealed don't really realize that these things hold no value... it's not going to be worth any more money than what they spent on it now.

shadowraiden126d ago

they keep hold of the collectors edition which will most likely hold some value.
i have a few that now if sold would be 2-3x what i payed when it was released as you can no longer get them.

ziggurcat126d ago

Not even. They're too ubiquitous nowadays.

darthv72125d ago

There are two things I have seen in my years of gaming as it pertains to value. nintendo games (those made by nintendo themselves) hold their value if not increase over time. And the other is PS1 RPG's also hold their value, even more so than PS2 or PS3 RPG's or any other console RPG's.

So zigg... you would be wrong in thinking this game will hold no value.

deafdani125d ago

Nintendo limited edition anything actually increase in price over the years.

Nu125d ago

I actually sold a $20 Final Fantasy 7 copy online for $40. Lucky I sold it before it went on PC

DarthZoolu125d ago

To summarize some people are stupid

RosweeSon125d ago

If only that were actually true, you have seen the prices for old Zelda stuff on eBay. Even recent stuff £10.99 for an amiibo sold out in minutes and now £49.99+ Zelda stuff holds it value.

Smokingunz125d ago

It will be worth tons of money (even now it's worth something) stop haiting, it's zelda.

roadkillers125d ago

My Conker's Bad Fur Day sold above retail almost 15 years after release.

ziggurcat125d ago

You all are not realizing that just because one person is willing/silly enough to buy something from you for X dollars more than what you paid for it doesn't mean it actually holds value. the rarity just isn't there for that to happen.

JunMei125d ago

Ummm.... do you know how collector's items work pertaining to value?

ziggurcat125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@junmei: yes, and these "collector's items" are too mass produced to really be considered collector's items.

Erik7357125d ago

Just shows you how much people went crazy about this game I guess

Monster_Tard124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

"You all are not realizing that just because one person is willing/silly enough to buy something from you for X dollars more than what you paid for it doesn't mean it actually holds value."

Except it's not just one person, you can sell a lot of older sealed Nintendo games easily on places like Ebay for it's original value or more.

Just about anything Zelda on the Gamecube that is sealed goes for more than what it retailed for.

ziggurcat124d ago

@monster: that still doesn't mean it holds value - people sell all kinds of crap for exorbitant amounts of money on ebay (that's where the guy who bought NMS for 2K, is it not?). ebay is definitely not the place to go by as far as market value is concerned.

Name Last Name124d ago


Nothing of what you said changes the fact that some people bought extra copies and will make extra money out of them.

81BX124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

They hold value to the collector. I still have the 1st gamestop power up rewards halo action figure in box... idk why but it has a value to me. At 1 point it was selling for over $100 on ebay . Also I would love the jugger nog fridge

Monster_Tard124d ago

If you can't go by sales on sites like Ebay or Amazon to estimate the value of an item that is no longer being sold in retail, then what can you go by? I imagine it would be very difficult nowadays for a collector to go out and find a particular game that is still sealed, without using the web to find it.

And the person that bought No Man Sky for $2000, bought it because it was an early copy, that's a little different than buying something rare that's no longer be produced.

ziggurcat124d ago

@monster: things like that can get appraised by someone/an organization who's properly qualified to do such a thing. places like ebay, and amazon have people/scalpers that just go out of their way to gouge unsuspecting individuals (like, again, charging $2,000 for an early copy of No Man's Sky or $300+ for a $60 mini NES) just to make a quick buck.

@81BX: I'm talking specifically about monetary value, not sentimental value. with how things are made these days, people cannot expect to buy a "collector's edition" copy of a video game, and expect it to be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars 20 years down the line.

what makes something a collector's item is the rarity of the object or how many of them are left (say, in the case of a vintage car, book/comic book, etc...).

Monster_Tard124d ago

Sure, but an appraiser doesn't just make up the prices, they see what an item is currently being sold for and then give an estimation, some even use sites like eBay to estimate a price, either way many have valued certain sealed Zelda games at more than their original cost. And do the online markets not affect the value of merchandise sold elsewhere?

We don't know if sealed copies of BOTW will hold/increase in value years from now or not, but it has happened with many Zelda games.

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Patriot4Life125d ago

I got two is sealed and put along side my Zelda collection.

1nsomniac125d ago

...That's quite possibly the saddest thing I've ever heard.

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OMGitzThatGuy125d ago

Maybe because it was on Wii U?

Pricey125d ago

Title says zelda for switch outsold switch

OMGitzThatGuy125d ago

Im not gonna respond for the fear of looking stupid.

indyman77125d ago

@OMGitzTHatGuy Your question proves you DIDN'T read the article not even a third of it. That was already addressed and no it was not including Wii u sales. Wii u sales of Zelda was over 460.000 copies by itself. And SWITCH Version of Zelda was 925,000 copies.

FallenAngel1984125d ago

Learn to read the actual article

Gemmol125d ago

Be easy on him we all make mistakes by not reading first

Next_gen_2015125d ago

People may have purchased the game for someone else as a gift?

KwietStorm125d ago

lol yea here's a game for a system you don't own. Enjoy yourself.

Next_gen_2015125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

You're so blinded with nintendo hate you're lacking common-sense.

If I buy a nintendo game for a friend who has a switch....that counts as a sale. No?

kreate125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Uhh... I bought the game. But I don't have switch. Game is still shrink wrapped and collecting dust.

I just bought it to support Zelda. I had no idea the game would outsell the console.