Disabled CS:GO Player Bullied And Kicked From ESEA Match Despite Being A Top Player

GameRevolution: "Loop is an example of someone who deals with toxic behavior on a routine basis. Born with a disease which has left him legally blind and deaf, he is able to play video games, albeit with significant handicap. As seen on Twitch, he plays with his face just a few inches from the monitor, relying on incredible aim and situational awareness to make up for his poor vision and inability to hear footsteps, to a point where he's currently ranked Legendary Eagle—a rank that only 9% of the community has ever achieved.

After visiting the dentist for a serious operation which further impacted his speech, Loop queued up for a competitive match in CS:GO. Specifically, he entered a game on ESEA, one of the most highly competitive third-party platforms available for the game."

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2pacalypsenow432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

I get what this article is trying to say, but I would mute someone whose voice wasn't pleasant to listen to, and I have done so many times. And if the majority of players don't want to listen to his voice, they shouldn't be be forced to play with him just because he has a disability and It should not be considered Bullying since they just muted him. And the fact that he got banned for some time for no communication falls on the game designers. Who bans someone for no communication?

C-H-E-F431d ago

Yup, exactly mofos want us to treat everyone as regular people until you do then they are like CAN'T YOU SEE HE/SHE IS HANDICAPPED. It's soooo aggravating, mofos want privileges of both words without committing to one specific world. And that's not fair, i treat everyone as equals and the GENDERS they were born.

FunAndGun431d ago

Well if you treat everyone equal, their birth gender shouldn't matter....because you treat everyone equal.

PurpHerbison431d ago

There is definitely a fine line and it isn't nearly as clear cut as you'd like to believe it is.

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AnubisG431d ago

PC culture. Today you HAVE to put things on a pedistal that used to be looked at with dismay. You don't like to listed to a disabled persons voice because the sound they make makes your ears bleed? You are a bigot and you are bulling him. You should be fired, never be able to work again to live a normal life!!!! That is PC culture today.

Kabaneri431d ago

So being disabled is supposed to be looked at with dismay? This has nothing to do with being an SJW, it's called not being an asshole.

AnubisG431d ago

No, having a voice that you just can't listen to can be looked at with dismay.

-Gespenst-431d ago

Sorry but read the article. The guys he played with acted like a-holes. Don't let your politics blind you to that fact.

He joined a game and informed to everyone that he'd had dental surgery because of a genetic disease, and that it had messed up his speech. He was apologizing in advance just in case they thought he was some troll. The first thing those people said was "annoying", and, "you're muted already". That's just disrespectful, plain and simple. They muted him, and heavily discouraged him from talking, and then eventually kicked him for not communicating, even though it sounds like he carried them through five rounds. If being "PC" is being against this kind of treatment, then I have no problem being called PC, and neither should you.

I mean, an annoying voice is an annoying voice, I get that. Even if someone really can't help but speak in a way that is physically uncomfortable to listen to, that won't make their voice any less intolerable. However, how you treat them must differ from how you treat trolls who put on annoying accents deliberately. These guys treated the guy like a troll, and that ain't right or fair.

Dark_Knightmare2431d ago

No that's gaming culture today and it's a joke. It's a video game bro it's not life and death so step the f**k back,look at your life and ask why you would take it so serious that you would bully a disabled person like seriously what the hell is wrong with people

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mixelon431d ago

In a tight team based game where it relies on good team comms I wouldn't mute someone if I found them annoying - especially if they just explained why (had almost all his teeth removed? Doesn't sound much fun.), and was still playing well.

They also called him annoying as well as the muting etc. A little bit of empathy wouldn't do them any harm.

XXanderXX431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

No they all acted like little girls cause they had no problem winning 5 matches with him, it was till they realized they sucked and blamed the guy with issue . That just a tool move .

Christopher431d ago

*** It should not be considered Bullying since they just muted him.***

They actually did kick him later.

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Liqu1d431d ago

Bunch of scumbags, hopefully Valve steps in a teaches them a lesson.

littlefatgirl431d ago

already did. The player who started the vote-kick got a 3-day ban.

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gtxgamer2431d ago

Humans are the worst beings on the planet.

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