Downloadable games are saving this Holiday season's bacon. takes a long look at the differences between the 2007 and 2008 releases in August and September and comes to a startling conclusion.

From the article: "Well, last year around this time we were getting some fantastic video game releases. Bioshock and Metroid made waves in August, while the Japanese went crazy for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and the rest of us went crazy for the mega-blockbuster Halo 3 in September of 2007. We also received several B-List games in August and September that were pretty good, including games like Skate and Warhawk for the PS3.

How does this season's August and September games compare? Find out after the jump."

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dericb113436d ago

Warhawk B-list Last year.

Warhawk A-list this Year.

Warhawk AAA next Year??? Just have to wait and see for that one :)