New Halo Game Teaser Trailer Explained

Any remote fan of anything Halo knows a new game is coming. Loot Ninja got a glimpse today of a teaser trailer on Bungie about the new game. It looks to be official and not a ruse or red herring. Furthermore, this is most likely what was delayed from the prior countdown around E3 or at least directly related to it. This is their explanation of what was shown in the teaser trailer.

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drunkpandas3703d ago

While I completely agree with what you’re saying, I think there may be a public backlash on an ODST game. How many times have we played Space Marines? Will people accept Halo without the Master Chief or another Spartan? Will there be Spartan III’s in this game? Lots of questions come from this teaser trailer. Bungie is being tight lipped, but I’ll keep poking them to see what information they want to give up :)

fiercescuba3703d ago

I think there are so many more pertinent characters in the Haloverse that if they keep the Master Chief as the central character, the story will grom stale.

taz80803703d ago

BUngie and their gorilla marketing, gotta love it!

Pain3703d ago

Halo Expansion to make up for Halo 2.5 Wtf vague story Cluster F^*$

1. Its the Chief coming back.
2. More of the same
3. the Flood
4. Xbots will buy it, I wont i dont like generic PC/Xbox 2 FPS's never did never will.

Flops ''R'' Us3703d ago

*Looks at article,laughs at the flop,leaves*

AngryHippo3703d ago

....dedicated to being a complete [email protected] aren't you?! You are in every single thread posting the same rubbish over and over. Get a life, seriously,go outside, meet some people, make some friends.

Do you just sit at your computer waiting for new articles to come up so you can sprout more retarded comments. Get a life.

YoshiMeetsU3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

What a pleasant surprise to come to the site today and see you have been jacked of all your bubbles. Justice is served and you have officially flopped!

I really hope you are telling the truth about the "leaves" part.

fiercescuba3703d ago

Bubbles for Hippo for saying what we are all thinking.

dachiefsman3703d ago

nice link. I would love a squad combat game like Star Wars: Commandos.

I don't see how that will work if it is an expansion. Nice find on the date, but I hope we could get it from the source soon.

meepmoopmeep3703d ago

hahaha, yeah, there's joking around and there's trolling.

anyway, the articles analysis is pretty insightful.

dachiefsman3703d ago

I was being serious. I thought that game was awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.