Why Physical Media Is Still Better Than Digital

Digital copies of video games are getting more and more popular. Still, there's something about owning a disc.

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BlakHavoc239d ago

For me it's been the same reasons why it's been better since 2013 and the DRM crap. I can lend or borrow games, and I can trade them in. Correct me if I'm wrong too but I think I was locked out of playing my purchased games when my PS Plus expired. Can't remember exactly what it was but I was definitely unable to play my digital games at one point for whatever reason.

Nitrowolf2239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

You are locked out of your PlayStation plus games but that really shouldn't be having anything to do with physical vs. Digital tbh. It's a subscription that have games tied to them as bonuse, it's essentially a rental service.

The only reason why you wouldn't be able to play your games offline on the PS4 is if your console isn't the primary system.

I'm a Full digital guy just because I view it as getting two copies since I have two PS4's in my house, but I still prefer physical media for the most part because you can share I'm easy and today you can get them for Less cheaper even for new titles that just released

XMessiah23x239d ago

The price is the only reason I still buy physical games.

238d ago
awdevoftw239d ago

not your purchased games, but the free ones from ps plus. but, I agree. digital sucks.

XMessiah23x239d ago

I prefer Digital, I dont need to borrow games or rent them I buy the ones i want. Digital is so much easier to deal with it you just press start and boom it plays. I had over 300 360 games and over 100 X1 games it becomes harder to find the games when you have to search thru so many. I also like just sitting down in front of my tv with all the games ready no need for disc.

JasonKCK239d ago

Digital has it's perks. Buy a game once, play it anywhere PC/Xbox, save space, now with refunds, and game share.

addictedtochaos239d ago

Not a problem finding my games they are all on shelves and alphabetized.

TheCommentator239d ago

Addicted to chaos, but still an organized gamer!

BTW, nice Megadeth reference with your name! 👌

rainslacker238d ago

Yeah.....but the digital services make big lists for you, so you don't actually have to know the order of the alphabet to keep organized. Just scroll through pages and pages of games, likely downloading one if you don't plan ahead....assuming you just randomly pick out games to play without any forethought, and then play your game.

Obviously, putting them on a shelf in alphabetical order, and pulling one out you want and sticking it in the system takes so much longer. But realistically, it's those games with collections in them that really screw it the ICO/SOTC collection. I mean....if you wanted to play SOTC, it wouldn't be under the S, it'd be under the I's. You'd never find it.

annoyedgamer239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Perks? Like the game suddenly not working and having no way to get your money back? I use the Xbox backwards compatibility and it is basically a digital copy of my games emulated on the X1. On occasion the system gets a bug and says I do knot own the game when in fact I do. I must wait a few hours until it decides to work again. I will stick with physical.

JasonKCK238d ago

That's a share bug when you buy a game on the 2nd console you are sharing with instead of the main home console. You fix it by changing the home console then back again.

Nyxus239d ago

I will always prefer physical over digital. For me it only has advantages.

Sciurus_vulgaris239d ago

I'm nearly physical only. The only downside for me is clutter. I can't bring myself to trade or sell old games.

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The story is too old to be commented.