The Punisher: No Mercy Screens

Four new good, bloody and merciless screens.

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Dark_Overlord3434d ago

Is it me or does the 1st screenshot give the impression that this game it an FPS? If it is it better be something pretty f*cking special to stop me playing Resistance 2 when it comes out :-)

Bazookajoe_833434d ago

Wasnt it this one who was exclusive to psn?

Dark_Overlord3434d ago

but I was hoping for something more along the lines of the PS2 game, there's just too many FPS's coming out in the near future to really give each the attention they deserve

Dark_Overlord3434d ago

I'm just not going to expect too much now, hopefully there's a lot of really OTT kills

skate_live_element3434d ago

Yeah i loved the one for ps2 i was hoping it played like that but with better graphics and everything from this gen. but it doesnt look like its gonna be. i hope it is still good.

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