Persona 5 on PS Vita (Remote Play) Review - Playstation Enthusiast

"Typically, any fast-paced PS4 games just aren’t fit for remote-play, due to the slight delay that can easily mess up the gameplay. Obviously, your internet speed can also help or tarnish your experience. However, given that Persona 5 is heavily story-driven, on top of being a turn-based strategy game, it’s simply the easiest, and best type of game to remote-play on the PS Vita." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Puty41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Such a shame it doesn't exist natively for the dying Vita.

Fist4achin41d ago

I agree. P4G was excellent and one of the greatest ports ever!

mikeslemonade41d ago

Lol the switch wannabe feature. Remote play sucks.

MyDietEqualsGames40d ago

Remote play sucks? :O

That's news to me.

vickers50037d ago

What are the chances that Atlus ports this game to Vita in the future(downgraded of course)?

I'd assume slim to none, but I ask because Atlus is apparently one of the very few devs that still make games for Vita, so there might be a slight chance...right?

jznrpg41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Hm i will try it out , I need that R2L2 button mod but they sell for like 80$+ and even though I can afford it it just hard to pull the trigger

Gemmol40d ago

especially when the system already dead

40d ago
Warshade40d ago

As someone who's tv basically has to be held hostage if I am going to get time to myself I have played my copy of persona 5 on the vita 90% of the time. It's remote play is almost perfect then it lags and pixels then goes back to perfect lol.