AceGamez Review: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

AceGamez: " In a world of sequels and tie-ins, original and beautifully crafted games are rare. Yet in the land of Nintendo, with its emphasis on unusual user-interfaces over graphical power, such games are slightly more common than they are elsewhere. Even so, it's a good day when a little known and unanticipated game comes out of leftfield and stuns you with its simple yet compelling action. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is just such a game.

Things don't look too promising at the start, however. On the face of it, Professor Layton is that horror of horrors; a kiddies' game. Don't be deceived, though; from the slightly strange storyline (which gets really bizarre at the end, by the way) to the brain-twisting puzzles, this is a game that's aimed squarely at adults - it's just got oh-so-cute pastel-shaded graphics and a cast of characters that look and sound like they've been lifted straight out of a slightly-higher-than-average kids' film. Actually, the graphical style and colour palette resembles many of the fine films by Hayao Miyazaki, and the opening animation (which is beautiful, by the way) calls to mind the fabulous Spirited Away."

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PS360WII3586d ago

Yes this is a very awesome game and looks like Syko has found a new website or something because he's submitted a few from this site just a bit ago ;)