Law firm: Take action against file-sharers or risk encouraging them

Publishers who do not take legal action against file-sharers are sending a clear message that "if you continue to infringe nothing will happen to you", according to Davenport Lyons - the law firm acting for five publishers who have taken action, adding that in the absence of legitimate defences it would take cases to court and is "confident" of success.

Speaking to, a representative from the law firm defended its actions on behalf of the publishers who issued 25,000 suspected file-sharers with letters demanding an immediate payment of GBP 300, or face a potential court case. The law firm said that it was an effective measure against piracy and expected other publishers to follow suit.

"It appears to be an effective way of getting the message across to a number of persons who might either actually be infringing, or contemplating infringing, copyright in computer games or other digital media," he commented.

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