Should Mass Effect Abandon The Milky Way For Good?

Our home galaxy still has so much to offer the Mass Effect universe - maybe leaving it behind wasn't the best choice.

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dilbig5213d ago

Trilogy remaster please

SolidGear3210d ago

It had a new one with the Director's Cut.

EmperorDalek210d ago

Oh yeah, they added a bunch of slideshows that didn't add anything to what we already knew. How could I ever forget that

213d ago
dilbig5213d ago

I was fine with the ending.

EmperorDalek210d ago

Some people are fine when they get punched in the face... doesn't mean getting punched in the face is fine.

Though I'd gladly take a few punches to the face for a better ending

Derceto213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

No. Mass Effect should abandon being released as s**ty games for good.

TheCommentator213d ago

^ This.

If you want a visual representation of the overall quality of ME:A, just look at a picture of Ryder... She's similar to a human being but slightly off in a number of ways that just make her ugly. Same thing here, because ME:A is just an ugly game.

CorndogBurglar213d ago

I would like to go bacm to the Milky Way at some point. Even if it is done in a stand alone game.

It doesn't have to include any of the characters from the last trilogy either. I just want to see how things have changed since the Reaper incident.

alstruck213d ago

They should abandon humans entirely. Lemme play as a turian super agent or an asari space witch. And set it in parallel with ME1 where human alliance are still struggling in the galaxy..

MorpheusX213d ago

Bioware/EA should abandon the focus on SJW Politics.

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The story is too old to be commented.