SOCOM confronts Japanese players in new trailer

Are Japanese players even interested in the very-Western SOCOM franchise? We're not entirely too sure, but this new trailer released for the Japanese market will try to attract players to the 32-player online fragfest. Thankfully, video footage of the game can be understood in any language. Chances are, though, if you're one of the many that are eagerly anticipating the game -- you're already in the beta.

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TOO PAWNED3735d ago

5 people will play it.
Joking a side probably not many will play it, but nice from Sony to support Japanese market, now if they would also give us Afrika with thropies it would be nice.

shqype3735d ago

Afrika does look like a unique and interesting game ... I think we will get it sooner or later, to be honest.

The Japanese don't really like FPS', but SOCOM is a little different ... it's not one of those "fragfests" where you run around as a hero killing whoever you can. It instead relies on teamwork and strategy in order to produce a compelling multiplayer experience. I think it's something the Japanese can come to appreciate.

Fishy Fingers3734d ago

Cant see the trailer... just gets stuck loading for a ridiculous amount of time then when it finally starts it's jumpy and laggy...

I joke, but in all seriousness, this is my first SOCOM experience and I'm really enjoying the beta (issues aside, but it's a beta, its expected), I've played with some great mature people who have helped me a lot.

SOCOM seems to have a very helpful community of users. That makes a pleasant change from most people I meet playing shooters.

Tacki3734d ago

This is my first SOCOM experience as well, and I'm quite impressed. Though there is/was many technical issues with the beta... it's just such a fun game that I'm able to look past all that. It's a beta of course too so some problems are bound to be had... but they seem to be responding swiftly with the patches and getting the game running better and better. I'm confident that eventually there'll be relatively few kinks. Hopefully by the time the full game launches. Either way it's a definite buy (with the headset as well) for me. Can't wait to see the rest of the levels. And the community does seem really great like you said. I encountered people who have never played before either and they were getting support from others. It's really nice to see.

As for selling this game in Japan... they could do it if they make it more Japanese-friendly. Have "Tactical Tentacle Rape!" in the trailer and I'm sure this one would fly off the shelves.

Lanontscuz3734d ago

i can't wait to get the other maps and hope they fix the lag when the actual game comes out