Silent Hill: Homecoming Refused classification in Australia

Xboxoz360-gamer writes:

"Well it seems the long awaited Silent Hill Homecoming title has received the cold shoulder from Australia's OLFC and Refused Classification.

This is yet another game to face the OLFC that has failed to pass due to their antiquated rating laws, where their highest rating for games is just MA15+, making many adult themed games, (no, not sexually based games) unable to gain classification."

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TheColbertinator3434d ago

Thats a shame.Australian government should get on making a rating for 18+ soon because I dont want Australians missing out on some games.I also dont like games becoming edited for the sake of one country like the Fallout 3 controversy a few weeks ago.

Immortal Kaim3434d ago

Exactly mate, as an Australian its absolutely shocking that as an adult, I cannot choose to play adult themed games. I wonder if this will spread to the rest of the world? Can't see that happening though, Bethesda made a decision on their own accord.

Who knows anymore? Looks like its import time for me...

XboxOZ3603434d ago

Many don't realise that when the developer has to re-submit, it costs them a further 10 - 20k to do so, on top of their initial classification fee. So if their local profit margin is small they look at the numbers of possible sales, and then make a choice to re edit (costs $$$$) and then re-submit ( costs more $$$$) and then hopefully get passed, and then hopefully sell enough locally to pay for the above.

It's a silly state of affairs actually. Australia already has a valid R18+ rating within the OLFC's system. It is applied to movies that go above a certain level. No, not Sexual ones, but ones that touch on things a little to hot, like Devils Advocate which has a R18+ rating here.

If the adult themed games such as those mentioned get a R18+ rating, it would be REALLY visibly clear to ANY parent that a game their youngster had in their hot little hands was NOT meant for them. As it is now, they really have no idea.

LastDance3434d ago silent hill 1 2 3 4 is fine....but HANG ON....silent hill FIVE!!!! UH UH!!

how arbitrary

Immortal Kaim3433d ago

Your right, put into that context it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but now Im even more worried. As games have developed over the years we have seen vast improvements in many areas, including the graphical capabilities which is drawing us ever closer to realism. So with the archaic rating system we have here in Aus, Its looking more likely that more games will slip into the void of RC, rather than introducing a R18+ and placing these games where they belong.

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XboxOZ3603434d ago

To be really honest, I'm sick and tired of the OLFC's approach to gaming in Australia. One minute they pass Ninja Gaiden II with dismemberment and gore, the next the stop Fallout 3 because of the fact they use Morphine as a pain killer in the game, but allow Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway to go through with a MA15+, yet it has dismemberment in SLOW MOTION as well as audio from the the troops that are injured or maimed.

No consistency whatsoever. So how are parents supposed to know what they should and shouldn't by.

We need the R18+ rating that is currently used in films here applied to the games. That way the games that should not be in the hands of minors will not be, and those adults that wish to buy and play what they chose, can do so without having to illegally import their games from overseas.

Simmo443434d ago

Agreed. The consistency is shocking. The OFLC need a real shake up on what they deem unsuitable for Australian audiences. R18+ please!

jay23434d ago

HAHAHAAHAHA, Why do I laugh? because it's not the UK for once.

XboxOZ3603433d ago

Yes that's true, but at least you have a government that is pro-active in looking at how to go about having things changed, like the recent report done in the UK (forget the name of it now, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about?)

While they (AUst Gov) have said they want to have a "public debate" on the matter, little has been done or even mentioned. It's like saying one thing to appease the gamers, then simply not doing anything. It's stupid that they do not use an existing classification one games that they already use in movies that fall outside the MA15+ ratings.

This would put those games which are rated 18+ etc overseas into a proper classification, and help stop younger gamers from getting their hands on games that were never ment for them in the first place.

darkmurder3433d ago

I am so over this countrys ridiculous stance on games

Acj23233432d ago

another one bites the dust. mmmmmmmmmm i just wish they would bring out a r18 rating. so they can final stop dumbing down games to fit the m15+ market!