NES Classic Sold 2 Units Per Minute On eBay After Discontinuation, Average Price Of $332

It was announced yesterday that Nintendo will be ceasing production of the NES Classic Edition.

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DillyDilly367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Why ? A standard smart phone can do all of this with Bluetooth Controllers on an Android

Fist4achin367d ago

Its absolutely insane and i dislike the fact that nintendo created this monster by undercutting the productions.

BlackTar187367d ago

Yea but a smart phone isn't a tiny NES.

I want one so bad but f you Nintendo for under producing and stopping production.

badz149367d ago

even cheaper than a smartphone, a Raspberry Pi can do it too. the external casing can be 3D printed if you really want it THAT much.

Bhuahahaha367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

for me its for display not for playing. i dont know if others think this ways too
but hell no i wont pay for it that much (i would pick one if i see one @ range 50~100

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gbsrnctaln367d ago

Idiots...the only explanation.

367d ago
sk8ofmnd367d ago

Just shows the world is growing in stupid people every second of every day. Cheers

meganick367d ago

That thing was a scalper's wet dream. The scalper community thanks you Nintendo.

Axecution367d ago

legit i'd be willing to bet over 50% of people sold theirs.

I wanted one but i know if i had it in my house right now i'd gladly trade it for like $400.00

awdevoftw367d ago

In this case, there's 2 suckers born every minute.

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