Halo 3 expansion coming possibly on Jan 6, 2009

The Halo 3 expansion teaser trailer's only been out an hour or so but gamers have already started to watch it in slow-mo to find every little hint they can. One Joystiq reader seems to have found a date somewhere in the footage - the date for the Halo 3 expansion's release?

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Flops ''R'' Us3253d ago

More than enough time for the Xbots to save up for the upcoming flop

TheColbertinator3253d ago

Queefy B,dont you ever sleep?

Get some rest chief.

tehReaper3253d ago

It's sad his life revolves around hate for a video game console.

TheColbertinator3253d ago


He doesn't really hate the 360 because he doesn't care for it.He seems to just want to annoy 360 me.Or I think so at least.

Flops ''R'' Us3253d ago

Since it's going to flop,I'm going to need a list of titles the xbots are going to use as their excuse for holding on to their console in 2009

Flops ''R'' Us3253d ago

Don't you say "tears of bore 2!",because whilst I understand you lack formal education,I assume your parents taught you the difference between an '8' and a '9'

Flops ''R'' Us3253d ago

Since Splinter Cell:Confloption,has no release date,you can not name that.

The same applies to Alan Wait and Failo Wars.

'_'3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

{so the flop comes out in january i hope you have a good time with your expansion pack}