Arabic MMO Title Announced

IncGamers are reporting the name of the anticipated, Arabic localised MMO game as Rappelz.

With announcements keeping the title quiet, IncGamers have revealed the title in their news.

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Dorjan3708d ago

Need more!

Keep us informed!

Leord3708d ago

Speak Arabic do you? ;)

Iraq Resistance ROM3708d ago

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

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on topic
i will probably join an arabic gaming company when i finish my studies!! am very excited for this game, arabs have many nice stories that r very different from western or japanese!!
i hope they make this game as a ps3 exclusive :P!!!

we have special art, special cloths, behavior, look etc so we might just see something refreshing in the gaming industry for the first time!! and by special i mean its special because its not seen in gaming before

Leord3708d ago

Heh, any relationship to that "massacre"-game? =P

Wuushu3708d ago

If this won't teach me arabic, nothing will!

Maticus3708d ago

Certainly interesting, thanks for the heads up

thetamer3708d ago

Yeah, it is. The Middle East is a weird place for games.

ape0073708d ago

am from saudi arabia and nearly everyone love to play games

Honolulu3708d ago

Aren't the price tags on games and consoles sky-high in Saudi Arabia?
Or is it like in South America where piracy is more like the norm?

rookeagle3708d ago

For a new high profile game 66$ to 93$ USD

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

yes games are a bit higher

I bought the force unleashed for 260 saudi ryal,nearly 75$

but guess what,other thing are cheaper than outside

cola(without mentioning brands) in ksa is like 0.3$

nearly 80% of ksa gamers have pirated games

xbox 360 and wii pirated games,but ps3 still not cause of blu-ray,am sure one more year and ps3 will be copied

Marcus Fenix3708d ago

and we play games like hell, about 60% of the gamers here are into soccer and racing games, then come shooters and RPGs, im a shooter/RPG guy, I hate sport games, and unfortunately alot of pirating is done here but my console isn't pirated.

ItsDubC3707d ago

I used to live in Saudi Arabia. I remember buying Chrono Trigger for the equivalent of $90 USD lol. Of course, it was well worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.