Second Life publicizes din of inequity

Tatero Nino writes:

"At a cost of approximately $23,000 AUD, the WA Police recruiting pavilion in Second Life seems to be quite well thought out. It is attractive, takes avatar and third-person camera mechanics into account. It is also regularly staffed by a police officer (avatar name: Trudi Karu) during WA business hours, and seeks to attract people into the staff-starved Western Australia police force.

Unfortunately, we have had no success in communicating with Trudi, who remained unresponsive throughout our visit, but there is a highly responsive presence at the site. The RMU WA POL. That's the Retired Medically Unfit WA Police Officers. They have a rotating presence at the recruiting site and are very keen and able to discuss another side to this story. Far from being sign-waving protesters or picketers, they're very human, very dedicated and articulate ex-police officers with a story to tell."

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