Final Fantasy VII Remake Not As Anticipated As Trails of Cold Steel 3 According To Dengeki Magazine

Japanese magazine Dengeki recently held a poll for their Japanese audience on what their most anticipated games in the next few years were, and the results turned out to be… well, unexpected. While megaton titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are indeed included on the list, it is their placement on there that proves to be a head scratcher.

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Antnee534524d ago

Well I bet you that people are more excited for a game that is actually coming out soon where a final fantasy will be at least 2020 or further just like kingdom hearts won't be out till 2030

Septic524d ago

Now that they've chopped it into episodes, when will the first 'episode' or whatever you want to call it, of FF7 come out?

MasterCornholio524d ago

Isn't next year supposed to be the anniversary of the game?

So I'm assuming we might see an announcement at Sony's e3 conference.

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mikeslemonade523d ago

FF7 ain't turn based, makes sense. And I hope peolle boycott the game.

Tech5523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

"Isn't next year supposed to be the anniversary of the game? "

Final Fantasy VII was 1997. i'm sure of it. (just checked and yup January 31, 1997)
it will be the 21st anniversary next year.

indysurfn523d ago

People are surprised because they ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room. FFVII remake is rumored to be changed into a action rpg. And this is a JAPANESE website. TRAILS of cold steel has been taking squares lunch money since it started. And square's previous president was content trying to convert fans to turn based. It has not worked except for a small percentage.

People are assuming it is just because of episodes. If you have played TRAILS of cold steel 1 and 2 it is one continues story too. And 3 is suppose to be the third part (true all games are over 100 hours) point it is, it's not just because of it being episode.

You have CRAFT's which are like a summon spell (not really but at least your not just calling another character)

You have VERY VERY VERY GOOD JRPG style music not trying to be hip hope, or rock etc real JRPG OST.

You have TURN BASED game play (yeah it takes way longer to make those games but many people want it).

You have very long stories told.

They are not trying to make a JRPG that is 1/2 western action/shooter/fighter/hack n slash.

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rainslacker523d ago

No doubt. It's pretty safe to assume that when people see more of FFVII, and SE starts ramping up it's marketing, that people will be excited for it. Would make more sense to compare games coming out within the same time frame...or at least ones with a release date.

FinalFantasyFanatic523d ago

I don't really care for the remake, it could be good or it could be bad, Square-Enix is very hit and miss in recent years. If anything, Falcom is fairly consistent with the quality of their games, plus, it's probably safe to say that Trails of Cold Steel tells a better story than a modern Final Fantasy game (this is coming from someone who finds Trails of Cold Steel clunky).

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IamTylerDurden1524d ago

That's bs. Let's compare sales and i guarantee FF sells more.

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IamTylerDurden1523d ago

What? Fanboy of what? FF? No.

FFVII will have PS4 exclusivity and ToCS 3 is a PS4 exclusive so i really hope ur not calling me a PS4 fanboy bc of my comment as it would make no sense to do so.

Oh, and i realize that some ppl are angry about the episodic format, but if u honestly think ToCS 3 will outsell FFVII u are delusional. ToCS is a terrific series but it doesn't sell anywhere near what FF sells.

indysurfn523d ago

IamTylerDurden1 Trails of cold steel sold mostly on word of mouth. The first two was realised on a console that was LAST generation (ps3) and on a handheld that Sony has dropped also (VITA) now it is coming to a CURRENT CONSOLE. Not just a vita game converted last second to PS3. It will be on PS4 and will have a marketing budget. How many commercials have you seen for Trails of cold steel 1 & 2? Outside Japan ZERO!

thatguyhayat524d ago

Many are put off cause of the episodic bullshit theyre doing

kayoss523d ago

Either do it episodically or wait 5-10 years for the complete game.

_-EDMIX-_523d ago

? Whats stopping you from just waiting until its fully complete?

I do know that you can just wait right?

Slow down young one.

IamTylerDurden1523d ago

It worked beautifully for Hitman. Like Hitman u can just wait until all the content is available and play it all together. Like Hitman i'm sure there will be a complete edition after everything is released.

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DemonChicken523d ago

Depends on how big the episodes are and price so what is your point? Maybe wait until we hear more information before saying it is BS.

The Trails of Cold Steel (as with Trails of the Sky) are also kind of like episodes, where you are left at a cliff hanger and need to play the next game to know what comes next but the content is that of a full game.

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kalkano524d ago

"Dragon Quest 11 is also included on the list, in third place"

That throws the whole poll out the window as not an accurate representation. Dragon Quest 11 will sell 4 times as much as any other game on that list in Japan. That's a given.

I'd love it if Trails of Cold Steel 3 outsold FF7R, even if only in Japan. But, we all know that's not happening. FF7R's sales WILL suffer in Japan, because of the bastardization into an ARPG. But, it will still sell roughly FF15 numbers there, I'd guess.

indysurfn523d ago

In Japan, Final Fantasy sold just under a million on all systems combined.

In Japan Dragon Quest X sold 1.58 million in Japan on all systems combined. Japan still likes Turn based.

Dragon quest used to be FAR behind FF in Japan. But since Square abandoned what people wanted there
dragon quest has passed FF games up long ago. Unless FF VII remakes rumors of it being a ARPG are false
I think Trails of cold steel will pass it also. This time TRails of cold steel is not just being realised on two playforms that are no longer supported by Sony (PS3 and Vita). It will be also on PS4 with a marketing budget.

kalkano522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

I agree with everything you said, except that ToCS3 will outsell FF7R. Yes, Turn-Based is very popular in Japan, but I'd still be surprised if ToCS3 sold as much as Persona 5, which sold ~500,000 copies. And, if FF15 could sell almost 1 million copies, I'd expect FF7R to do the same (unfortunately).

Relientk77524d ago

I want Trails of Cold Steel 3 more, but that's just me. I can't wait for it. The first is a masterpiece, one of the best JRPGs I've played in years

indysurfn523d ago

Ummmm you said the FIRST is a masterpiece? TRUE you do know there is trails of cold steel 2. (i didn't think it would be better) it is way better. Including the music. If you have not played II on PS3 (vita I have not played through, even though I have it) your missing it. You need to play that one. And after the END screen DONt turn off your PS3. You will think your done at least once when your not. And sometimes the screen gets stuck there for a couple of minutes (only real glitch the game has).

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory524d ago

That is correct. I am more excited for Trails of Cold Steel III than I ever be for that FFVII Reimagine.

IamTylerDurden1523d ago

It's so funny that ppl were beyond excited for FFVII when it was announced, but bc it is being done episodically now ppl are vehemently against it. Like Edmix said, just wait until all the content is released..

Don't tell me that the reason u are down on FFVII isn't bc of the episodic format. FFXV sold huge..

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory523d ago

I was never excited for FFVII Reimagine to begin with nor was I excited for FFXV.
Beat FFXV in 29 hours. It was very disappointing.

indysurfn523d ago

I was until I found out they may have changed to game play to hack and slash instead of turn based.
I still hold out hope it is turn based after the latest screens keep showing ATB (active time battle) and a menu system. I remember Square always make turn based presentations look like action since back to the SNES days.

FinalFantasyFanatic523d ago

Isn't it because we have to wait so damn long for a game from Square-Enix? Plus you can't count on them to guarantee the quality anymore. It's not exactly on top of my to buy list, FFXV wasn't until less than a month before it's release.

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